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Oka (oh-kah): Chahta/Chickasaw word for "water".

Ohoyo (oh-hoh-yo): Chahta/Chickasaw word for "woman".

​Oka Ohoyo LLC provides services, programs, writing, and herbal products that aid in the mental & physical wellness of Indigenous peoples. Our work primarily caters to the needs of those Indigenous peoples of the Americas who have not gotten respected recognition, including those who have been relabeled "Black", "Negro", or "Afroamerican", those whose tribes aren't recognized by neither federal nor state government, and those who have been denied enrollment in recognized tribes due to discriminatory blood quantum policies. However, no one is turned away, we offer our services to ALL Indigenous Americans and ALL life across the planet. Our soul mission with Oka Ohoyo is to help aid Indigenous peoples in their healing from a cultural, spiritual, natural, and ancestral lens.

We created the name Oka Ohoyo, meaning "water woman", in honor of CEO Danielle Nanih Waiya's Chahta and Chickasaw ancestors. The name "Chahta"  itself is said to have come from another phrase in our language, "hacha hatak", meaning "river people". I have always had an affinity for water. I like to think that part of that comes from me being a Cancer sun (zodiac) and another part comes from my Indigenous blood. The element of water, in various ancient Indigenous cultures across the planet, has always been an agent of healing and sustainer of life, both physically and spiritually, to Mama Earth and all her inhabitants. Just like the water, I am ancient, constantly flowing, exchanging knowledge, healing the planet, and sustaining life.