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Oka (oh-kah): Chahta/Chickasaw word for "water".

Ohoyo (oh-hoh-yo): Chahta/Chickasaw word for "woman".

​Oka Ohoyo Apothecary is an herbal apothecary and movement dedicated to the study, advocacy, preservation, and legacy of “copper-colored” Indigenous American medicinal and spiritual traditions. We provide products that aide in balancing the mind, body, and energetic being. In our shop you will find herbal tinctures, tea blends, bath blends, creams, salves, spiritual curios, and more!

We created the name Oka Ohoyo, meaning "water woman", in honor of CEO Danielle Nanih Waiya's Chahta and Chickasaw ancestors. The name "Chahta"  itself is said to have come from another phrase in our language, "hacha hatak", meaning "river people". The element of water, in various Indigenous cultures across the earth, has always been an agent of healing and sustainer of life, both physically and spiritually, to Mama Earth and all her inhabitants. Just like the water, we are time immemorial, constantly flowing, exchanging knowledge, healing the earth, and sustaining life.

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