The Healing Power of Energy Medicine

Halito! My name is Danielle Nanih Waiya and I am an Indigenous energy healer, cosmic life coach, and herbalist descending from the Mississippi Chahta and Chicasa clans. I am the founder and CEO of Oka Ohoyo LLC, offering holistic healing services rooted in ancient Mississippian culture to aid American Indian Aboriginals in their healing through a cosmic, ancestral, cultural, and natural lens. In particular, I am very well known in the community for my energy healing services that I call “Nanih Waiya Xi”.

What Is Energy Healing?

Energy healing involves the channeling of energy (Xi/Chi/Ki) from the universal cosmic source to aid the client in enhancing their physical, mental, and soul-ar energetic health. Energy healing can be done hands-on, hands-off, or at a distance. Energy healing is practiced by ALL Indigenous peoples across the planet and is not limited to reiki, tai chi, or ayurvedic practices. Many are familiar with the Japanese lineage of energy healing called “reiki” but are unaware of the fact that we had our own versions of this practice here on Turtle Island (North America).

Energy Healing Practices of Turtle Island

According to Ken “Bear Hawk” Cohen, healers in the Aniyunwiya (Cherokee) clan would perform a healing ritual in which they would warm their hands over a fire and then use their hands to heal ailments of the body (Cohen, 1998). Cohen also talks of other Aboriginal American energy healing practices in which the healer places their hands on the front and back of the weakened person’s body to conduct an energy flow within the person’s body (Cohen, 1998). In the Chahta and Chicasa clans of Mississippi, our energetic healing methods incorporate giving reverence to Nanishta (our Cosmic Mother), tapping into the healing energy of the Cosmic Mother, burning herbs such as sage or cedar to cleanse the the energy in the environment, using fresh herbs or essential oils to ignite the senses, and singing healing chants in our Indigenous language. We also incorporate the use of instruments as well, most commonly a turtle shell rattle. Though many Indigenous peoples are now Christian converts by way of European colonialism, the tradition of energy healing has still managed to survive. In my family it was called “laying hands”.

My Work as an Energy Healer

As an energy healer, I am able to pick up on things that are attacking the energy centers whether it be a mental, emotional, or physical ailment. I realized this when I started offering my “laying hands” healing sessions for people in my local community. I had one client in which I felt a lot of intense energy in her head, shoulders, and chest areas. It turned out that she actually was having heart problems as well as issues with high blood pressure stemming from stress and a cluttered mind. There was another client of mine who actually was a fellow healer; It was obvious to me that this person was dabbling into a lot of dark energy and spirits that they didn’t understand because I was able to pick up on this person’s depression, their feelings of loneliness, and the shadow beings that existed in their auric field. At the end of these sessions, I not only discuss with my clients the energies and ailments that I pick up on, but I also consult with them on what herbs to use and/or what mindfulness techniques and rituals to perform to aid in ridding themselves of the issue.

Experience Nanih Waiya Xi Today!

Oka Ohoyo offers an array of different energy healing services including “laying hands” sessions, guided meditations, sound baths, cosmic rituals, and other healing techniques all rooted in ancient Mississippian culture. We offer "laying hands" services every New Moon, in-person, and on an application basis. Applications for "laying hands" sessions are available today on our page entitled Nanih Waiya Xi!


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  2. My culture & experiences, PERIOD!

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