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Halito! Welcome To Oka Ohoyo!

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Halito! My name is Danielle Nanih Waiya, the "oka ohoyo", and I am an Indigenous healer, artist, and "keeper of the culture" specializing in areas of herbal medicine, energy healing, and womb healing. I provide services, programs, writing, and products that aid in the mental and physical wellness of Indigenous peoples. Though my work primarily appeals to the concerns of the of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas who have been relabeled "Black", "Negro", or "Afroamerican", I offer my support to all Indigenous peoples across the planet.

Feel free to navigate my site for services, products, and information to assist you in your ancestral healing journey.

Thank You,

Danielle Nanih Waiya a.k.a. Oka Ohoyo 

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