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Oka Ohoyo offers an array of different energy healing services including reiki, guided meditations, sound baths, and other healing techniques all rooted in Amerindian cultures. Energy healing involves channeling healing energy from divine source to aid the client in enhancing their physical, mental, and emotional health. Energy healing can be done hands-on, hands-off, or at a distance. Energy healing is practiced by ALL Indigenous peoples across the planet and is not limited to reiki, tai chi, or ayurvedic practices. We had our own versions of these practices here on Turtle Island (North America). You can book your healing service of choice below.

*Disclaimer: Energy healing services DO NOT take the place of medical procedures facilitated by licensed medical professionals. Please consult with your medical provider for treatment of ailments and proper diagnosis.


Laying Hands

(Energy Healing)

This form of energy healing balances the energy centers throughout the body, mind, and spirit. Through tapping into those energy centers, I am able to help identify any physical, mental, or emotional ailments you may be experiencing. Many know this healing method as reiki but when we were growing up our folks called it “laying hands”. This service is offered in-person ONLY. Sessions are $50 and are an 1 hour long. We offer energy healing sessions only on the New Moon of each month and on an application basis. We have a limit to 1 spot on each New Moon. To apply please fill out the application below.

*Note: Not all applicants will be accepted.

Sound Baths & Guided Meditations

Meditation helps bring awareness and helps restore balance to the mind, body, & soul. Our guided meditations incorporate Indigenous chants and/or music. Meditation benefits include increase in concentration, increase in self-awareness, stress reduction, increase in creativity, and more!


These are group sessions and offered at $7 per person.


Cosmic Rituals & Ceremonies

We host cosmic rituals during the New & Full Moon and Equinoxes/Solstices. We hold these rituals as a way for Aboriginal Americans to unite to give reverence to the Universe, the Planet, our Ancestors, and Ourselves. We incorporate music, singing, and chants all rooted in our original "Mound Builder" cosmology. We will show you how to command the Universe, using the energy of the moon and equinoxes/solstices, to seek answers and manifest results. These rituals are private for Aboriginal/Indigenous Americans ONLY! Please be respectful to our need for a private cultural space.


Click Here to Request to Join Our Private Facebook Group, "Cosmic Moon Rituals For Aboriginal Americans".

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