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Oka Ohoyo Apothecary is an affiliate of Coosa Nation's Mah Hah Wah He' (3H) Clinic! 3H/Mah Hah Wah He' Clinic is a FREE virtual clinic servicing Autochthonous/Aboriginal American peoples! Danielle Nanih Waiya serves as one of the practitioners for the clinic, our practitioners are skilled in a number of modalities including clinical mental health counseling, life coaching, EFT tapping, herbal medicine, reiki, trauma-informed care, family intervention, and more! Coosa Nation eventually will be establishing physical clinics including in their headquarter state of Georgia and here in Michigan as well! Services are all FREE for the people! We are also looking for more practitioners and care guides to join the team!

Services Danielle Offers Through 3H:

  • Herbal Consultation

  • Mindfulness Sessions (Guided Meditation, Sound Bath, etc.)

  • 25-30 min Distance Reiki (Laying Hands) Session

Danielle's Appointment Schedule @ 3H:​ TBD... Book your appointment TODAY!

*To apply to be a practitioner or care guide, send your resume to Chief Blue Feather at and in the subject like put "Interested in Practicing @ 3H" OR "Interested in Care Coordination".

*To schedule an appointment for wellness services, submit your request to

*Click here to read the 3H Clinic Brochure for more info!

*Disclaimer: Clinical services at Mah Hah Wah He' Clinic are for Autochthonous/Aboriginal Americans ONLY!

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